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Learning Journeys is a unique collection of customized travel experiences designed to combine cultural immersions with hands on education to ignite learners' passions in a certain area of discipline. Choices range from art and music, business and language, to gardening and dance, cooking and photography.

Each journey will be designed by educators in that specific field of study based on the needs of the particular group. Work with our staff, all of whom are veteran educators trained at targeting specific markets. Experienced  managers/teacher guides will be on-site to deliver these life changing encounters for students of all ages: schools and colleges, special interest groups, families, multigenerational, and other small group experiences.

Choose a sample tour from this website. You can also customize a program specifically for your target group. Learning experiences are indicated in bold throughout the program, and can be modified to suit any area of interest. Learning Journeys Freedom of Choice days allows the group of learners to choose a class based upon their specific area of interest.

Courses range from 2-4 hours and will be selected from a list of learning options available at the time of booking. Limited to one selection per group. Our tours allow people to learn something new together, which lasts far beyond the travel experience.

Featured Learning Journeys Tours


Featured Learning Journeys Tours

  • Spiritual Bali-Wellness and Relaxation

    From $990.00 (USD)

    Spend 7 days on a blissful journey of the mind, body and spirit in Bali!Alongside a certified Learning Journeys Guide, experience traditional yoga, cooking, and relaxation at the beautiful Alaya Resort Jembawan.

  • Northern Italy Wellness, Cuisine and Culture

    From $3,160.00 (USD)

    Spend 8 days embarking on a self journey through beautiful Northern Italy!Spend peaceful time at the historic Bagno di Romagna. This little town is in the Apennines, in the heart of the Emilia Romagna Region, and is known for its blissful spas.

  • Blissful Northern India

    From $990.00 (USD)

    Spend 9 days on a spiritual journey through Northern India!

  • India Himalayan Spiritual Adventure-Source of The Ganges

    From $2,850.00 (USD)

    Travel with Learning Journeys to the mythical Indian Himalayas on this incredible trekking tour.

  • Sacred Bhutan- The Land Of Happiness

    From $4,590.00 (USD)

    Spend 13 days on a journey through Bhutan! It is not an exaggeration to say that Bhutan is a destination unlike any other. This sacred land is still untouched by the modern world.