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    "We found the coach clean with plenty of leg room and the tour director was excellent. He was well educated with over 30 years experience as a national tour guide.

    Nothing was too much trouble for him and he even rearranged the itinerary to give us more time to shop in Marrakesh and Casablanca. All the hotels were of excellent standard and the food consisted of buffet style meals which were quite bland but, nonetheless, had an excellent choice. Bottles of water were provided free by the tour director but most of use also bought our own supplies. We were, however, warned against drinking the orange juice in the hotels as the ice used could be suspect. For the minor bumps and any travel sickness there was a first aid kit handy. The downside to a coach tour is the long hours on the road but this is inevitable if you want to see a lot of the country so it was a case of early to rise and few late nights. The tour had some optional visits and we chose to take two, visits to a garden combined with a tour of an old palace and the "must do", the visit by jeep to the dunes of the Sahara. This is not for the frail or faint hearted. At speeds of 50-60 mph over desert tracks in clouds of dust we eventually arrived at the sand dunes with an optional camel ride. Sunset over the sand dunes is quite a site! Do remember that Morocco is still a North African country and whilst the hotels are to the standard you would expect, the infrastructure and general behaviour of the inhabitants aren't. Road crossings are for decoration only and the side walks are simply another lane for the motor scooters!

    Finally and here's the warning, the tour starts from Casablanca. Insight provide free transfers but cleverly choose times which do not correspond with the main airline arrivals and departures. Don't choose the Insight private transfer at $44 each. Take a taxi for around $50. On the return there are enough passengers to hire a mini bus for around $20 each.

    Do not,under any circumstances fly Royal Air Maroc. It may be tempting to go direct from JKF but be sure and use an American or European carrier. Air Maroc planes are old and shabby and the flight crew are rude, surly and don't know how to smile. Everything is too much trouble. On our return journey we arrived at the airport at 05-00 for an 08-00 flight to London Gatwick to be told "the plane is full". We had a confirmed booking made 5 months earlier. It did seem a bit suspicious that, mainly, the Europeans were on standby! The check in staff could not be bothered and there was no supervisor to complain to. We finally got transferred to a much later plane going to London Heathrow. This meant that we lost our connecting flights and had to re book for the next day with the cost of overnight accommodation. To date there has been no response from Air Maroc to my complaint. We were, however, pleased to get that alternative flight as Casablanca airport is quite the worst airport I have used. Oh, and do check your travel insurance. The flight wasn't delayed or cancelled so that's the "get out" clause - being refused boarding is not covered!!!

    We live in the UK but we booked our tour with GoForLess Tours who gave us the cheapest prices both in the US and UK. We actually saved $700 by booking with them. The tickets were sent by DHL and we received them just as quickly as in the US. Kim was extremely helpful and responded to my emails almost immediately. I shall definitely use them again."--John, Scotland

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