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  • Trafalgar Tours-Western Discoverer-July 2011

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    "My name is Lew and I am from Malaysia. This is my first time booking a tour online and thanks to Kim, I took my chance and booked Trafalgar Western Discoverer ( upon her advice ) with www.goforlesstours.com and it was good all the way. Being a first-timer,I am one fickle customer. I had send so many emails to Kim - from changing tour and hotel dates to endless "what if" inquiries and she answered every single questions promptly. Added with the tour discounts and security of credit card details, I will definitely recommend my children and friends to book tours with Kim.

    As for Trafalgar Western Discoverer Tour, this tour deserves to be a SOLD OUT tour. Thanks to Trafalgar Tour Director, Jordan Allen and his lady driver, Sharlini ( I hope it is the correct spelling) - from the start ( our hotel in LA) to the end ( to our airport ), we were given a first class treatment. Jordan is a very knowledgeable guide, on the day itself before reaching our destinations, he will explained about our destinations and its history. He also provides us with maps of every stops which is really valuable since not all meals are provided. Jordan even brought us to places that not shown in the tour list. Sharlini ( our lady driver ) is one steady driver and she always makes sure she is around the stairs to hold us on. My wife, a stroke patient, appreciates Sharlini's gestures.

    In a nutshell - Kim, Jordan and Sharlini deserve a THUMBS UP." --Lew, Malaysia

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