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  • Globus Tours-Globus Great Adventure Down Under with Fiji Extension-October 2011

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    "This was our 5th Globus tour and, as usual, it lived up to our expectations. If you want to see as much of Australia and New Zealand, as possible, this is the tour for you. So many other tours we investigated did not cover the amount of territory this one did. As what will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for us, we wanted to maximize the experience. Our tour director was a native Australian and a veteran guide. She made every effort to insure that we got to experience as much as possible, even going beyond the published itinerary. There was little down time. We traveled to the rainforest near Cairns, to the hot, dry climate of the Outback and Kakadu National Park, to the vineyards of southern Australia, and on to the cool, snow-capped mountains of New Zealand. We visited major cities such as Sydney, Darwin, Melbourne, Adelaide, Queenstown, and Auckland, plus toured the islands of Fiji and Tasmania. We saw a great variety of flora and fauna, with the opportunity to pet and feed wallabies. Our hotels and meals met the Globus standards. Transportation included river boats, aerial gondolas, the Ghan Train, other railroads, traversing beautiful territory, high speed boats, comfortable buses with, informative, safe drivers, plus a total of 17 flights. The optionals offered a variety of experiences and we took advantage of many. Without a doubt, we can highly recommend Globus and the opportunities this particular tour affords.

    We appreciate the time and help Kim Brown of GoForLessTours provided. She expertly took care of all the details in arranging this tour for us with Globus and kept us informed every step of the way in the booking process. The discount offered by GoForLessTours on Globus itineraries made the deal just a little sweeter. Thank you, Kim, for your hard work."--Judy, GA

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