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  • Globus Tours-Newfoundland and Labrador-June 2012

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    "We recently returned from participating in the Globus tour around the province of Newfoundland & Labrador. This was a 12 day trip with travel days at the beginning and end of the trip. We did miss the first day of the tour (actually day 2) in Corner Brook because of missed connections on the first travel day.After the first tour day everything went as noted in the tour description by Globus. There were 38 persons on our trip with most of people being from Canada. We used a large (55?) passenger bus so there was a little space to spread out, if one wanted to, at the back of the bus. Daily seat rotation was maintained by the excellent tour guide who was quite knowledgeable of the area. He had  clearly done this tour a number of time so that he and the very good driver.made a good team in presenting the tour to us.

    The initial weather we had was one of clouds , rain, and fog. The fog especially hindered our seeing some of the views we wanted to see. However towards the end of the trip we went to Cape Spear , the most easterly part of North America, to be greeted by a fog rapidly rolling in. This was discouraging. However the next day we returned to the site where the views were great with the fog far in the distance. On our trip, by ferry, across the  Strait of Belle Isle we had hoped to see some icebergs. Fog again hindered our views on our ferry trip. However we later found out that there were no icebergs in the straits for us to see. In fact, despite repeated attempts by the guide and driver to find icebergs no were see by our group on the whole trip.
    The accommodations were generally good for the trip although Globus described some as rustic. We felt they they were better than rustic and in some places (St. John's) a very modern hotel was used for our stay. The food scheduled for the trip varied in quality. Generally good would be appropriate. In a few cases optional luncheons were scheduled in some places where some  felt the costs were somewhat high. In one spot an optional lunch was offered at a cost of about $20 which was considered high and probably why only about 10 persons signed up for the lunch. On the other hand we did stop for lunch, at least once. where many different fast food restaurants were available at very nominal prices.
    It is hard to pick the highlights because we saw so many interesting places. The boat trip to Witless Bay has to stand high on our trip because of the whale sightings ( a large 45' humpback whale entertained our group for more than an half hour) and the massive bird sightings (puffins, etc.) on a small island bird sanctuary which is said to be the largest puffin sanctuary in North American.
    We were very pleased that we took this trip because of the many things we saw and learned.  A suggestion to possible travelers is to see the 1991 movie The Shipping News before going on the trip. A number of locations used in the movie are visited on this trip.
    And finally we appreciated by the help of Kim Brown of GOFORLESSTOURS in working with Globus, on our behalf, on the travel arrangements for this trip."--Richard
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