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  • Trafalgar Tours-Spain, Morocco, Portugal-February 2013

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    "Hi Kim -
    Just want to thank you for your part in our wonderful winter experience!  Got home late last night, and today we start catching up again!  Sure was a fun way to spend the winter.
    We were REALLY impressed with Trafalgar.  We had a gal named Ellen for our guide and she was one of the best we've ever had, so made the trip really fun.  We had 47 traveling companions which made us a little nervous, but they were well traveled and always on time, so it went smoothely.  Had a one year old bus and it was top of the line, so travel was comfortable too.  The only negative to our whole experience was the weather, but when you travel in March, you have to expect that.  Didn't slow us down any, just needed the warmer clothes we had brought and our umbrellas!!
    We're already talking about what we want to do next winter.  We are thinking Greece right now and both Trafalgar and Globus have trips that include a cruise and go in March, so it will depend on which itinerary is the best, and which one we think will go for sure.  Ellen said this trip combined the one supposed to be leaving 2 weeks earlier because of lack of people.  She said travel in Europe was down quite a bit with the economy, so the guides are hurting too.  Gas prices don't help the issue!
    Again, thanks for your help, and we'll be getting in touch with you when we know more about our winter plans for next year!"--Carol
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