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    "Hi Kim -

    Just wanted to let you know that we are home and had safe travels with both Trafalgar and Globus.

    We had a little glitch in the cruise trip - the Olympia ship hit the dock on one of their ports and so we couldn't take off when we were supposed to, thus missing one day of cruising and the ports of Crete and Rhodes.  Globus however did give us a one day 3 smaller island cruise, which was nice of them.  From what we heard, Globus took better care of us then Trafalgar did with their people, but who knows for sure - I didn't ask anyone.

    It was interesting to be able to compare the two companies, especially in the one day in Athens.  Felt Trafalgar did a better job in the city tour, and in location of the hotel.  Globus's hotel was nice, but on the other side of town, not so close to the Acropolis.  Our city tour guide was better with Trafalgar too.

    We thought we were sold on Trafalgar, but after hooking back up with Globus, now we are sure they are equal.  It would be nice if Globus would offer us a "deal" on our next trip because of the mishap, but I wouldn't count on it!  HA

    We are looking at doing the Turkey trip in September of 2015 - the two week one with a possible add on in Istanbul before the trip.  I'm sure it is too early to even think about this yet, but that is our plan.  I plan to get the 2 booklets from Trafalgar and Globus and then we can compare what they show you and what we'll see, and you can calculate what the better deal is if they are comparable.

    Thanks for all your help in our travel plans.  Sure is nice working with you and saving money on top of it! -Carol"

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