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  • Avalon Waterways River Cruises-Tulip Time Cruise April 2015

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    Hi Kim

    Cruise went very well.  We had an excellent cruise director with a sense of humor.  Said only what was needed and no more.  Did not burden us with a lot of hooey.  The optional tours were well chosen and very interesting.  One thing for sure, walking on cobblestone is not easy.  I heard several people on the trip say that because of that fact they felt that one trip a day would have been sufficient.  The ship was CLEAN and well appointed.  The staterooms were very comfortable and certainly we had more than enough room and places to store suitcases etc.  The chef was excellent and his choices of entrees was excellent.  The great part about the meals was the quantity.  You received all that was needed for a good meal surrounded by the soups, salads, wine and desert.  However, you did not get fed like a linebacker as we do here in the US.  Always felt comfortable when the meal was finished.  I would say the average age for the group, which was 138, as about 70-75.  Also quite a few over 80.  There in lies the reason for only having one trip a day.    We met a lot of single women because they waived the single payment for this trip.  We had a blast with about a dozen or so of them.  Have to say that Avalon is a great group and we would certainly travel with them again in a minute.  Better than Viking and less expensive.  Ellie"

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