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  • Cosmos Tours-Rome, Sorrento and Capri May 2015

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    Hi Kim,

    The tour was amazing.   The Amalfi Coast has a beauty that one can only appreciate being there!   The breathtaking ride up that coast is one that I will remember for life. All of the girls were in awe of the entire experience.  Loretta and Christine had not been to Italy so, Rome rocked their world.  And to be honest, it rocked my world for the second time. Rita, Erin and I got to visit a few sites that we had not the last trip in 2004.  The Borghese Villa and Gardens were spectacular and we also went to the top of the Castelo de Angelo. The view of Rome was unbelievable! 

    Our guide, JP, was top-notch.  He has such a passion for what he does and his compassion for all of his guests is why anyone taking a tour should choose Globus.  He was such a joy. And funny..... from day one he endearingly called us his "Spica Girls" :)  He should be commended for the pride and professionalism he shows every minute of the day.  

    The hotels were okay - not as impressive as the last tour however, I don't mind.  As long as they are clean and comfortable, I don't care about the luxury.  The hotel in Capri was amazing. One of my favorites of all time - the views from Anacapri are breathtaking.  The hotel in Sorrento as in a perfect location and was very nice.  However, the hotels we stayed at in Rome, although clean and nice, were not convenient in the aspect of seeing the city.  They were several miles from the the center of Rome which required a taxi, battling a lot of traffic, each way. But, that would be my only complaint.  The itinerary is great and it allows free time which is important to me.   The coaches were new and comfortable.  The food was great - the dinner offsite in Rome was fabulous.

    So, I want to thank you again for all of your time and help with making this a wonderful trip.   You can be sure I will be in touch when I am interested in booking another tour, most likely with the Globus family.  Knowing I had your expertise backing my decisions for this trip made all the difference in the world ;)

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