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  • Monograms_London and Paris-September 2015

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    "Hi Kim - Our vacation to Europe was all that and more!  We loved the Independent Tours in London and Paris.  Our local hosts in each country were very supportive and engaging.  Whew! - a lot of walking in Europe, especially during our Tour of Italy (Rome,Florence, and Venice).  I fell in love with the Eiffel Tower (during the day and at night  during a dinner river cruise(w/ its light show).  I also loved Venice with its waterways, etc.  Amelia loved London and Italy.  We also enjoyed the many other people that we met in each country!  The ONLY COMPLAINT would be the FIVE HOURS layover at JFK NY after departing Venice, before we actually flew home to Philly.

    Amelia and I would like to thank you for your helping to make this a "smooth first time  Europe trip" for us! - PAT"
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