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  • Collette Tours-Washington DC October 2015

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    Just realized I haven't told you about my trip to Washington, DC, that you booked for me; and it's been 2 weeks since I returned.
    The trip was wonderful, and I had a great time ... couldn't have asked for any better except maybe a bit cooler on the weather but that was something beyond your control, right?
    I did so much walking -- my app on my cell phone said I walked 10,000+ steps (almost 11,000) on 3 separate days and 11,000+ steps on 2 separate days -- that my feet and legs were ready for the rest when I got home.  Another girl from the Houston area -- she lives in Jersey Village -- was on both my flights so we "buddied up" most of the time while in DC.  She was nice enough to take some pictures of me with my camera so I could at least get in some pictures.
    I saw plenty of recent memorials that were not in DC the last time I was there (1989) -- the FDR Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean Memorial -- and of course revisited a bunch like the Capital Building, Mt. Vernon, Arlington Cemetery, Lincold Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, etc.  About the time I was thinking of maybe just passing up the chance to see one or two things just so I could rest, I said to myself "Judy, you can rest when you get home ... who knows when you'll get a chance for a return visit."
    The Naval Academy was fantastic ... I really enjoyed getting to see that again.  Mt. Vernon was also great to see.  I'm really glad both of those were included in this tour.
    At any rate, I wanted to let you know that this is a very good tour in case anyone asks you about it ... but be sure to let them know that there is alot of walking involved.  Everyone in the group seemed to be able to handle all the walking well; but I think it will be nice to know in advance about all the walking involved.
    Thanks again for all your wonderful help in getting this tour set up for me.  Again, I had so much fun and am so glad I went.  And in case anyone should ask me, I shall be more than glad to recommend you to them.

    Take care & thanks again!!

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