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  • CIE Tours-8 Day Irish Spirit-August 2017

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    "Hi, Kim.

    Just wanted to say our trip went very well.  We got home safely.

    We enjoyed the CIE tour.  They hit all the high spots.  The Ashling Hotel  was lovely and was right near the LUAS tram stop.  Didn't spend much time in the Grand Canal, but it was nice.  The Dooley in Waterford was an old hotel which is fine.  Only problem was we had a room at the back of the hotel under the eaves.  It was very hot and there was no ac.  We opened our window at the top (slanted out) to see stagnant water standing in the area right outside the window.  There were even weeds growing in it.  The street had a pub or club  right across from our window and it was very noisy.  People shouting, etc.  they might want to find a different hotel.  We did see one a few blocks away that might have been better.

    The hotel in Galway, the Westwood House will be torn down the end of this year for University lodgings to be built.  We could tell as the rooms aren't being repaired, service wasn't that good, etc.  I know CIE will be changing hotels for next year, but it might have been wise to change sooner.

    Ireland is beautiful and the people were wonderful.  All in all, a great trip.

    I hope to contact you again one day about a new adventure.

    Thank you for all your help.

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